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Discussion of homes with modern design being built in the Fan

Citizen 6 Richmond VA New Homes from Rick Jarvis on Vimeo.

Spike in DUI arrests near VCU


State of the Plate: much love for Heritage, Rowland’s, Balliceaux

Baja Bean Company NOT up for lease (UPDATE)

City has no money for necessary monuments maintenance

[If] you were to ascend on a lift to get a general’s-eye view, you might be alarmed, says fine art conservator Andrew Baxter, president of Bronze Et Al, Ltd. It’s been 20 years or more since serious conservation work was done on some of the monuments, he says, and the bronze is eroding. “If people […]

Quickness RVA is “fast, economical food delivery by bike”

Style Weekly profiles food delivery service Quickness RVA: Its list of restaurants includes Alamo BBQ, Fresca on Addison, Lamplighter Roasting Co., Little Mexico, Strange Matter and Nate’s Taco Truck Stop. Customers place their orders with the restaurant by phone or online for delivery within a designated radius.

A look at the Fan

Style’s Fanning Out is a look at the neighborhood and recent issues: Geographically, the Fan is the 85 blocks bounded by Broad, Belvidere and Main streets and the Boulevard. The name comes from the fanning out of Park, Stuart, Hanover and Grove at Laurel Street. Historically, the Fan is the largest intact Victorian neighborhood in […]

Bellytimber Pizza in Style

Style Weekly reviews three different pizza places on Main Street in Richmond, including the recently opened Belly Timber (1501 W. Main St.) Tavern. The review is positive if not glowing. While I’m not writing home to Mom about the pizza, it is decent. I’d get a few pies to study for exams, to take to […]

Style features Olio and Avenue 805

Both Olio and Avenue 805 find their way into the latest edition of Style, which includes this photo of Olio owner, Jason Savedoff. For their first meet-up this month, food bloggers chose Olio, the newish retake on the former European Market at 2001 1/2 W. Main St. Owner Jason Savedoff says he enjoyed talking […]