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Foreclosure on Grace Street




Park Avenue meth house up for auction

2500 west grace

Foreclosure on West Grace

1730 floyd ave

Foreclosures on Floyd, Harrison, Grove

2604 Grove Avenue

Foreclosures on Grove, Grace

00 for rent on cary

For lease on Cary Street

2329 West Grace Street RVA

Foreclosure on Grace Street

2118 Floyd Avenue

Foreclosure on Floyd


Former Julian’s faces foreclosure auction

Foreclosures on Grove, Hanover

A Richmond BizSense look at recent foreclosures in the area lists 21 in Richmond and 2 in the area.

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Foreclosure on Floyd

Foreclosure on Cary, Floyd

A Richmond BizSense look at recent foreclosures in the city lists 16 in Richmond, including 2 in the area.


French building on Floyd facing foreclosure

Virginia Commonwealth Bank is foreclosing on 2601 Floyd Ave., an historic building in the Fan for which French received a $439,000 tax credit in 2008.

Property values drop with 2012 reassessment

The 2012 reassessments are in the mail and online and seem to show a consistent decline in value of 5-10% across the city.

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