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Heads up: street cleaning next week

Flyer - Don't Get the Boot

City to start booting cars for 3+ unpaid parking tickets

UPDATE: Parking changes set to begin in The Fan next month

Beginning next month, select blocks in the Fan will have 1-hour parking limitations all week, with more possibly coming.

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Fan District and West Avenue Associations propose more parking restrictions

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Richmond Forum, VCU vs Lehigh should take ALL the parking

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Parking Ticket Guy now owes almost $4,000

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Parking changes for West Avenue, Birch Street, Boyd Street

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The Parking Ticket Guy


“I found a way for everyone with a permit to park in The Fan”

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City sold twice as many Fan Parking Permits as there are parking spaces

Councilman Samuels on the Broad Street No Parking signs

Charles Samuels weighs in on the Broad Street parking kerfuffle (you can read the full story here).

Don’t park like a jackass

per Section 46.2-889 of the Code of Virginia, vehicles parked on two way streets must be parked parallel to the right edge of the roadway. Recently, the police have been enforcing this law that requires you to park in the proper direction. [...] if you park against the flow of traffic, you may get a […]

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Fan parking Community Forum this Wednesday at Binford

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Get your parking decal today, save a trip to City Hall

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