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Quickness RVA is “fast, economical food delivery by bike”

Style Weekly profiles food delivery service Quickness RVA: Its list of restaurants includes Alamo BBQ, Fresca on Addison, Lamplighter Roasting Co., Little Mexico, Strange Matter and Nate’s Taco Truck Stop. Customers place their orders with the restaurant by phone or online for delivery within a designated radius.

RVA Movers & Shakers meet at Lamplighter

RVA Movers and Shakers is a collaborative exchange initiative and meetup group dedicated to manifesting a new support system among young professionals in their 20s and 30s from the metro Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.


Sunday AM at Lamplighter

pizza party

Pizza party at Lamplighter

A makeover for Addison Street?

Hey, A group of folks are meeting at Lamplighter at 10AM on Saturday March 12th to brainstorm ideas on doing a makeover of the Addison Street corridor between Main St and Swan Lake including the pedestrian bridge. Traffic calming, graffiti issues, trash, drainage, sidewalks, landscaping. If you are interested, in making a great Fan to […]

Lamplighter delivers

Show your support for Lamplighter is running a poll on the best coffeehouse in Richmond and local favorite Lamplighter is in the running. Cast your vote!

Celebrate Lamplighter’s 1st year!

From Zach at Lamplighter via Byrd Park: This Friday 5-8 is our b day party. utv chamber plays music in the loo @5 pm. mica Whitney will also be playing music. there will be free cake!!!! Ted sanderson the artist of the new mural will be on hand drawing carictures and what not. Fun is […]

Bicycle swap this Sunday at Lamplighter

Need some new pants or whatever?

From Byrd Park: This Sunday, Oct. 3rd, Lamplighter is hosting a clothing swap from 5-8pm. Zach says you can bring all the clothes you don’t wear any more and leave with a whole new wardrobe. [...] Also at Lamplighter next weekend on Oct. 9th, according to the Bizarre Market Facebook page: Gearing up for BIZARRE […]

Mark your calendar: Bicycle Swap Meet at Lamplighter

Ride Richmond has word on a Bicycle Swap Meet: Bicycle swap meet at Lamplighter Roasting Co. on Sunday October 24th from 2pm to 6pm. Free to the public. 1pm setup! Register with an email to gilbertmj2 at gmail dot com!

Lamplighter Coffee Roasting Opens

Richmond BizSense has a neat story about Lamplighter Coffee, now operating out of a space at 116 S. Addison. Lamplighter, too, is equipped with its own roaster. [Owner Noelle] Archibald said the shop will roast green coffee and deliver beans by the pound by bicycle to homes and businesses throughout the city. Delivery by bike […]

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