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More graffiti on the Lee monument

Screen Shot 2012-08-09 at 12.03.17 PM

Police seeking 2 men for Cary Street graffiti



More video of the “five-o” tagger

Tagger defaces Lee Monument and downtown businesses

1 potheads unite

potheads UNITE

stop fakin


loading zone

OMEGA and a decorative wood panel

2104 parkwood ave rva 2011

Painted on Parkwood


More monument graffiti in Richmond

no hero

No hero


Graffiti Artist “WHO” Pleads Guilty

Byrd Park has the story on “WHO” pleading guilty this morning and his punishment. Jump over there to read more about it.

3rd Precinct Sector Report March 2010

Here’s the sector report for the Fan, Byrd Park and Randolph neighborhoods for the month of March. Some highlights: Since graffiti is such a hot topic around here, this info about some recent arrests (Joseph already left this in the comments, but I don’t know if everyone reads the comments): Two graffiti “artists” pleaded guilty […]

Cops Fight Back (Sorta) Against Graffiti

Since we’ve talked a lot about graffiti here I figured it might be worthwhile to see some tips from the cops (most notably environmental officer Claude Picard) who are fighting graffiti in the Fan. 1)  Spray Paint can rattles – It’s a very distinct metallic rattle sound that is created when a person shakes a spray […]

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