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Who makes the best sandwich in Richmond?

Crostini with mayhaw jelly and gorgonzola-2

Happy Hour food specials at Garnett’s, S@mple


Gluten-free and delicious in Richmond

Richmond Magazine Jan 2012

Fan-area restaurants heavily represented in Elbys bids

garnetts chairs

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date night at garnetts

Date night at Garnett’s


Pie is pretty much the best thing ever



brandon rozzell

Rozell, Skeen, and Nixon are now delicious

Joining the Joey Rodriguez, Garnett’s has unveiled sandwiches for all 4 seniors on the Final Found-bound VCU men’s basketball team: the Brandon Rozell, the Jamie Skeen, and the Ed Nixon.


The Joey Rodriguez Sandwich

For the rest of the week at Garnett’s Cafe: the Joey Rodriguez.

Well represented among Richmond’s best restaurants

With 10 of Style Weekly’s Favorite 52, the Fan is well represented among Richmond’s best restaurants…

Locally produced wild-flower honey from Bearer Farms

Locally produced wild-flower honey from Bearer Farms is now available at Garnett’s Cafe, Kuba Kuba, and Shield’s Market.

Chiocca’s Park Avenue Inn (1964-2004)

Before that little corner building was Garnett’s, it was Chiocca’s Park Avenue Inn for 40 years. F.T.Rea’s telling of the Chiocca family’s story (originally published in 2001) gives some of that background: In these times of fast food, theme restaurants and faux fine dining, it’s getting harder every day to find an authentic neighborhood dive […]

5 questions with Kendra Feather’s popular 5 Questions with a Foodie this week gets the answers from Kendra Feather, owner of Ipanema Cafe and Garnett’s Cafe.


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