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Richmond Magazine Jan 2012

Fan-area restaurants heavily represented in Elbys bids

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2011 Hamaganza at Balliceaux


Richmond Macabre Masquerade at Balliceaux

Secret Cabin

Off the Grid this Monday

off the grid

Off the Grid next up for Secretly Y’all



fan bricks 14x14

Fan Bricks drops May 4th

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No BS! Brass Band free at Balliceaux


KingBoomy, Trio of Justice this Wednesday

_______ in the Closet @ Balliceaux

Sign up now to be a part of the next Secretly Y’all event at Balliceaux. THEME: “_______ in the Closet”

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This week at Balliceaux


Josh Small and Snow Panda at Balliceaux

Small Plates at Balliceaux

Thrifty Richmond has a look at the small plates at Balliceaux: A perfect place to sample delicious small dishes is Balliceaux (203 N Lombardy St). When you walk into Balliceaux it smells just delicious. Their dinner menu includes full dinner entrees complete with complimenting sides, but they also offer Small Plates and a la carte […]

Well represented among Richmond’s best restaurants

With 10 of Style Weekly’s Favorite 52, the Fan is well represented among Richmond’s best restaurants…


Glows in the Dark, Ombak at Balliceaux

Balliceaux 3/16 10pm, $5, ages 21+

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