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Bombolini seeking ABC on/off license

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New Noodles and Company applying for ABC

Postbellum applying for ABC on/off & keg permit license


Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs now open on Harrison Street

beer score rva

Fan has city’s 2nd highest Drink Score

The 25 oldest ABC licenses in the Fan

You wanna go cup for that?

There is a group pushing to get local governments (rather than the state) the power to regulate and license alcoholic beverages in and around the establishments that dispense it. Think of an RVA more like Savannah or New Orleans…

Uptown Market & Deli applies for ABC

The Uptown Market & Deli at 2400 W Main St applied for a Wine & Beer Off Premises & Keg ABC license on 9/26/2011.

Bombolini Pasta seeking ABC

Bombolini Pasta (in the former Ecologic spot) has applied for a Gourmet Shop ABC license.

How many local restaurants are violating the law?

From an email with a Special Agent with the Bureau of Law Enforcement Operations for Virginia ABC: A licensee is permitted to advertise the privileges of their license [on their website]. They may say they offer wine, beer or distilled spirits. They cannot display pictures of any beverages, nor can they promote specific brands. A […]

Wack! seeking ABC

Wack! at 305 North Robinson Street applied for a Day Spa ABC license on 5/5.

Selba seeking ABC, Nesbit seeking ABC off

According to the most recent ABC License Application Review (PDF), Nesbit Spa & Salon at 2311 West Main Street applied for an ABC license for “Gourmet Shop-Wine & Beer off premises” on 3/25/2011. Selba, still under construction on Cary Street, has applied for “Wine & Beer On Premises and Mixed Beverage On Premises” license.

Strawberry Street Vineyard, Rev It Up seeking new ABC

The Strawberry Street Vineyard at 407 North Strawberry Street applied for a Wine & Beer Off Premises & Delivery ABC license on 2/10/2011. Rev It Up at 1211 West Main Street applied for a Wine & Beer On Premises license on 2/25/2011.

Fresca, Thai Top Ten, Tropical Safari Cafe apply for ABC licenses

According to the 10/7 ABC License Application Review (PDF), Fresca on Addison applied for a Wine & Beer On & Off Premises ABC license, Thai Top Ten at 911 West Grace applied for a Wine & Beer On Premises and Mixed Beverage On Premises license, and Tropical Safari Cafe at 1201 West Main applied for […]