The Camel seeking special permit to allow music past 11


Since coming onto the Richmond music scene The Camel has consistently impressed me with it’s beer list and variety of musical acts. Now due to the complicated way that the city of Richmond handles it’s permitting, music has to shut down at 11 on weekdays.

The petition on outlines the situation and I’ve copied it below. As of Friday afternoon it had garnered 869 signatures.

In 2006, the previous owners of The Camel and, WRIR filed for a special use permit because zoning laws at the time did not permit a radio station. The special use permit that was approved also placed limitations on entertainment at The Camel.  Those limitations stipulated that “entertainment must end by 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and by 1am Friday and Saturday”.  The Camel never would have been subjected to these limitations had the business kept its original Urban Business Zoning. Instead, because of the special use permit issued principally to allow for the establishment of the radio station (which shares an address with the venue), these restrictions were applied to The Camel as well.

We are now, almost 8 years since the original special use permit was approved, looking to amend our special use permit so as to allow for music to go until 2am. The Camel hosts music of all genres, from bluegrass, jazz, rock, indie and folk, to punk and electronica, seven nights a week.



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