New owners for The Well formerly Cous Cous

Photo courtesy of Bandazian

Photo courtesy of Bandazian is reporting that Jessica and Josh Bufford, owners of Toast and Estilo in the near West End are in the final stages of purchasing The Well which many better know as the former Cous Cous. (I miss you curry fries, come back to me.) Unfortunately there is not more information to share.

The couple’s not sharing any details on the concept for their first downtown restaurant, but Josh says they’re excited to bring something new to the neighborhood.

The Well closed in December and the real estate deal is expected to close this week. Nathan Hughes with Bandazian and Holden brokered the deal.

In 2013, Toast raised $10,000 for 46 area nonprofits through it’s Monday night charitable giving Toast-to-RVA Nights. This year, they extended the program to Estilo, hoping to “donate funds for over 70 unique non-profits and sets a giving goal of $15,000 for 2014.”

“Operating restaurants certainly consumes a lot of time that we used to have to volunteer ourselves. Toast-to-RVA and our rotating local art allow us to bring art and volunteerism to us,” Jessica said.

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