Details emerging on Foo Dog

Foo Dog from the Forbidden City - courtesy of Wikipedia.

Foo Dog from the Forbidden City – courtesy of Wikipedia.

Main Art and Frame Shop is no more and folks are busy at work turning it into Foo Dog. When word first came out about Foo Dog it’s menu was described as Asian street food which is incredibly vague. Asia is big place last time I checked, admittedly it’s been a bit, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Richmond talks with the owner Chris Tsui and sheds a little more light on the subject but we can expect a full menu in April.

Tsui said the restaurant, which will serve Asian food in a casual setting, is named after the lion statues often seen in front of Asian restaurants, which are meant to be guardians and bring good luck.

“We wanted something that was very urban and fun at the same time,” Tsui said. “Some people know what a foo dog is, and some people don’t. It’s kind of mysterious.”

The menu has not been finalized, but Tsui said it would be inspired by Asian street food, which can include noodles, dumplings, skewers and meatballs.

EAT acquired the property in September for $550,000. Renovations began in November and will include the addition of a patio and a deck. Tsui said he’s keeping the original floors, ceilings and walls to give the place a historic feel.

There  are also renovating the upstairs into two apartments that have already been leased.


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