World Cup fever starts tomorrow at Gus’

If you are even a passing fan of soccer you should know that the World Cup is coming up  and that Gus’ Bar and Grill (2701 W Broad St.) is one of the best places in RVA to catch a game. Tomorrow at 11:30, FIFA will be reaching into 4 fancy pots and drawing out 32 nations that will compete in this year’s World Cup. The process of arranging how these 32 teams will face each is confusing and I’d explain but it’s much more accurate and easy if you go here.

The draw is such a big deal because it determines who the US Mens’ National Team will play and determine their chances to advance. Regardless of where the USMNT ends up there will be much consternation, hand wringing and second doubts. It’s in the nature of the soccer supporter.

The Richmond Kickers and the American Outlaws Richmond Chapter are hosting the event and will have prizes including shirts, pint glasses, and Kickers tickets for those that can correctly guess all the teams in the USMNT’s group. It also provides you the chance to meet other soccer fan’s and start to get pumped up for World Cup.



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