School board closing in on superintendent, public input Wednesday


From Kristen Larson (4th District) Facebook

We are wrapping up the superintendent search. Names of the top 3 candidates will be announced Monday and a public forum will be held Wednesday, 12/18 starting at 6 pm at Albert Hill Middle School. Final vote is scheduled for 12/23. If you are interested in seeing the community input to date, check out this report that was compiled after months of surveying of nearly 500 people. 

RTD has an article on the search as well.

“Community input has been and continues to be an important part of the superintendent selection process,” said School Board Chairman Jeffrey Bourne, 3 rd District. “We thank the community for its patience as we work to narrow down the list of candidates for the superintendent position to three.

“We are doing so based on the needs of the city and the feedback we have received from the community to date.”


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