RTD Editorial: Who will benefit from revamp of Monroe Park?

Photo by James H. Wallace/RTD

Photo by James H. Wallace/RTD

Editorial by Michael Paul Williams takes a look at the changes coming to Monroe Park.

Samuels said cities nationwide have different rules about what is permitted in public parks and noted an Orlando, Fla., city ordinance that prohibits sharing food with large groups in downtown parks more than twice a year.

That law doesn’t strike me as worth emulating, particularly after reading stories about Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer labeling members of Orlando Food Not Bombs as “food terrorists.”

If the city cannot maintain its public parks without private funds, it needs to re-examine its priorities. If the city is effectively privatizing a public space to keep some people out, that’s a real problem.

If a revitalized Monroe Park isn’t open to everyone, we should all feel uncomfortable.

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