Bedden selected for RPS Superintendent spot



Sunday the Richmond School Board voted unanimously to approve Dr. Dana T. Bedden as the next RPS Superintendent. Bedden brings 20 years of experience and most recently was in charge of the Irving (Texas) Independent School District. The Irving District is an economically and socially diverse school district with 4500 employees, serving 35,111 students representing 90 countries and speaking over 50 languages on 38 campuses.

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 Bedden scored well in a private interview with School Board members Tuesday, then he scored well in his only public appearance during the process, a forum Wednesday at Albert Hill Middle School.

“I think Dr. Bedden is going to be a great addition to Richmond,” said Kristen N. Larson, 4th District. “He comes to us with a proven track record of increased academic results.”

Kim B. Gray, 2nd District, said Bedden’s experience is of paramount importance in a city with 13 schools under threat of state takeover.

“He has worked in some schools with some real challenges,” he said. “I think he’s coming in with an understanding of what needs to be done.”

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