Voluntary water conservation measures may be coming

The City of Richmond, along with the surrounding counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and Goochland (east end) are alerting customers that voluntary water conservation measures may be implemented within the next few days.

An impending factor is the increased trigger levels that went into effect for state waterways on Nov. 1. During this season, a “Ready Alert” notification means that water levels have decreased to 1,800 cfs (cubic feet per second), and are being watched closely and voluntary conservation measures are probable. Voluntary conservation measures are undertaken when the James River reaches 1,700 cfs. As of Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, the current 14 day average for the natural river flow level is 1,803 cfs.

When water conservation measures are implemented, voluntary compliance will decrease demand on our water supply while also meeting the James River Regional Flow Management Plan. If significant rainfall eliminates the current low water level conditions, voluntary water conservation measures may be avoided.

Residents are reminded to take the following steps to make the most efficient use of watering year-round, especially during voluntary restrictions:

  • Do not use water hoses to clean off your street, driveway, or sidewalk.
  • Do not leave the water running while performing tasks such as brushing your teeth or washing your face and hands.
  • Take shorter showers. Decreasing your shower time by 2 minutes can save several gallons of water.
  • Install a rain barrel. Rain water harvesting is a great way to keep your plants hydrated.
  • Don’t run the dishwasher or washing machine until they’re full.
  • Choose efficient fixtures. Aerate your faucets. Install low-flow shower heads.
  • When washing your car, take your car to a commercial car wash that recycles water, rather than washing at home with the hose.

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