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Orchard House presents “Global Girl: Thriving in the Age of Contradiction”

Orchard House School will be hosting the national symposium Global Girl: Thriving in the Age of Contradiction on Tuesday March 4, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM:

How do we thrive in today’s culture? How do we find meaning and happiness in an increasingly fast paced world driven by technology, materialism, and information? As parents, educators, and community leaders, we are constantly discerning what is important, what is relevant, and what is actually going on. How do we navigate when the map is radically changing?

To examine these questions as they relate to education, leadership, mindfulness, and pace, Orchard House School is hosting a national symposium.

Through Global Girl: Thriving in the Age of Contradiction, speakers of national renown will help us to identify the essence of key contradictions facing today’s students and assist their parents, educators, and community leaders in finding the tools and language necessary to navigate today’s world.

In what promises to be a transformative experience for those who attend, the Global Girl symposium will feature:

Sally Helgesen – On Leadership and Vision
Carl Honoré – On Pace and Connection
Amishi Jha – On Mindfulness and Meaning
Will Richardson – On Education and Technology


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