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2nd District numbers from Election 2013

Results for the 2nd District and the portion of the 5th District north of the James River. See also: [1st District] [7th District]

  • Ned Oliver’s map at Style Weekly shows the central precincts the faded blue of a 3-1 McAuliffe margin
  • Every precinct went for McAuliffe, Northam, and Herring
  • Sarvis out-polled Cuccinelli in 4 of the 10 precincts: 206, 213, 504, and 505
  • The two more fringe candidates in the city-wide contests did better in the 2nd District compared to Richmond at-large: L.Shirley Harvey (32.43% Richmond / 36.7% 2nd District) and Chris Dorsey (9.56% Richmond / 14.7% 2nd District)

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