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Sector 313 newsletter for October

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 October 2013 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

During this 28 day period, 8 bicycles were stolen, with 12 stolen the period before. We encourage citizens to voluntarily register their bicycles with the police department. You can go on line to to register your bicycles in a national data base. In the event that they are stolen, the officer would have a data base that can be checked for the registered owner’s information.

Thirty-four thefts from motor vehicles occurred during this period when compared to 16 during the same period in 2012. Once again item were left in plain view creating an easy target. Several signs have been posted in the Texas Ave and Hampton St areas, warning of possible larceny from vehicles. See the pictures above.

Please note that burglaries are on the rise in Sector 313. The map above shows several burglaries in the Randolph community. The police department has made some significant burglary related arrest. However it is extremely important to report a crime immediately after it happens. This gives the Police the best opportunity to capture the assailant.

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