Halloween on West Avenue

From the Fan District Association:

Please join the Halloween festivities on West Avenue this year. Trick-or-treating is from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM and is particularly well-suited for the youngest trick-or-treaters (because the road is closed to traffic and the houses are so close together). The annual costume contest is open to everyone and begins at 7:00 PM sharp on the 1100 block of West Avenue. Costume categories are as follows:

Tiny Ghouls (ages 3 and under)
Little Ghouls (ages 4-7)
Ghoulish Kids (ages 8-12)
Teen Ghouls (ages 13-19)
Monster Ghouls (adults)
Group Ghouls (group costumes)
Grand Prize (selected among the winners from each category)

Everyone is welcome to participate in these free and fun activities. The costume contest is over by 8:00 PM leaving plenty of time for older kids and adults to enjoy the Halloween magic on Hanover Avenue. See you on West Avenue this Halloween!

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