Fan Area Business Alliance seeks to represent Fan and Museum Districts

From a press release:

Announcing formation of the Fan Area Business Alliance or “FABA”, a non-profit organization with the mission to help members improve their success and provide a means to apply each member’s unique skillsets to help neighboring businesses and non-profits.

“We wanted to create an organization that works in collaboration to address common opportunities and challenges unique to the Fan and Museum Districts” says Wayland Hundley, FABA President. “and to not just collaborate with each other but with the civic and merchant organizations already within our footprint” continues Hundley.

With estimated businesses within the designated FABA footprint in the hundreds, the organization’s focus will be to act as a member resource through its six committees: Business SWAT Team, Resources and Applied Innovation, Commerce and Competitiveness, Government Advocacy and Membership.

“We have a growing mix of residential, educational and commercial activity in this area of Richmond with a wide diversity of businesses such as retail, healthcare, technology, legal, real estate, marketing and other professional services that we have the opportunity to bring together” says Jake Crocker, FABA Vice President “It’s already an important area for our city; for Richmond to continue to thrive our mission is to help these businesses succeed while maintaining the unique balance of commerce and residential.”

FABA is currently open to new members within our footprint as well as opportunity to individually get involved in one of the six committees. An announcement of FABA’s first sponsored event “Flavors of The Fan” featuring member restaurants to benefit The Fan Free Clinic to follow. For more information about the organization, it’s mission, a list of directors and officers and to join please see

Fan Area Business Alliance
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