Couple attempting to scam local retailers with trick credit card

A pair of postings [1] [2] by the new Fan Area Business Alliance yesterday have word about a scam targeting local retailers:

FRAUD WARNING: A FABA member just reported that a number of businesses in the Carytown, Museum District and Fan District were victims of PayPal card fraud yesterday and today, with one Carytown business allegedly hit for over $1,000. She talked with one victim within the hour. According to reports: International / European couple; present a prepaid PayPal card; requires the merchant to enter a code; the code locks the merchant’s account and the code authorizes the transfer of funds out of the merchant’s account.

Fraud Warning Richmond Businesses: FABA has talked with another credit card scam victim (lost over $1k) – a business in Carytown, and learned that the suspects were on Robinson Street within the last few hours where they tried to scam Halycon Vintage Clothing around Noon. Facts:

  • Man and woman speaking with thick accent, say they are Hungarian
  • Shop for expensive items
  • Present a credit card for payment
  • The card is unusually looking, flat (no raised numbers) and says PayPal and Mastercard.
  • The cards works when swiped but system asks for manual entry of “code” written on the card’s back
  • Apparently, the code authorizes a manual data entry – which apparently is done remotely.
  • Known to have targeted retail, walk in business (food store, clothing stores, gifts)


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