Council to consider SUP for Grove Avenue apartments, changes for Chesterfield Building

The agenda for the Monday, October 14 meeting of City Council includes:

Ordinance 2013-199 is a special use permit for 1110 Grove Avenue which would allow converting a 4 bedroom apartment in the building into two 2 bedroom apartments.

Ordinance 2013-197 amends the original ordinance which allowed the special use of 900 West Franklin Street to loosen where the required parking for The Well is located and to permit additional signage on the building.

Currently, The Well is unable to open for lunch, as their leased parking spaces are not available during the day. The SUP allows them to provide parking spaces in the VCU parking deck, and so expand their hours. The SUP would allow the Virginia Book Company and The Well to have more signs on the exterior of the building, some of which could project from the building and be internally lit.


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