ArchitectureRichmond: The work of Carl Ruehrmund

Robert Winthrop profiles architect Carl Ruehrmund for ArchitectureRichmond:

On Richmond’s Franklin Street, Ruehrmund designed the Stokes house in proto-modern style. The front is almost all windows, and decoration is limited to molded brick ornamentation. This was a characteristic of some progressive German architecture at the time. He produced more modest work for developer Thomas D. Newell including a ten unit town house row on the east side of the Meadow Street Park. These houses are simple and direct in architectural expression. Historian Drew Carneal has located a number of Ruehrmund designed houses in the Fan District.


Ruehrmund’s most prominent building in the early 20th century was the Shenandoah Apartments on Lee Circle of 1904- 06. This was a Chicago style high rise with multiple bay windows overlooking the street.

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