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Sector 313 report for September

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 September 2013 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

Virginia Commonwealth University student population is back as of August 26, 2013. With that being said Sector 313 has been experiencing an increase in two specific crimes, theft of bicycles and theft from motor vehicle.
Sector officers are doing everything possible to educate the general public on securing items inside their cars. Over 2500 flyers warning of the dangers of leaving items in plain view were distributed during the 28 day period. Bicycle patrols, and surveillance in problem areas are only a few of the things that have been employed to try to curtail the epidemic of area larcenies.

Please do not leave valuable items in plain view inside the passenger compartment of parked vehicles. Secure your items in the trunks of your vehicles. We have noticed a rise in thefts from vehicles in Texas (beach) Ave and the Byrd Park areas. When out running please do not tuck your purse under the seat and assume that it is safe.
On the issue of theft of bicycles – several have been secured only to have their chains cut. Please take your bicycles indoors and take away the temptation. When a bicycle is secured outdoors please consider the type of chain or lock used to secure it.

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