Have you seen Lazlo AKA Kittybutt?

Missing female 3 year old grey and white tabby cat. Last seen on the 2200 block of W Grace St. in the Fan on Monday night 9/9, when she may have slipped out of an open door.

She has a tipped ear as she was part of a catch and release when she was a kitten. Answers to Lazlo or Kittybutt. She has been strictly indoors for the past 2 1/2 years, has no collar, and is a very scaredy, skittish kitty. She will most likely find a hidey hole or sneak under a porch. If you can back her into a corner she will pretty much give up and let you pick her up or at least stay put until you can contact us.

Please respond to this post or call/text 804-399-4964 or text 804-301-8672 if you find or have seen her. Please help! She is very well loved and sorely missed!


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