light of human kindness

The Light of Human Kindness continues

The first piece of the The Light of Human Kindness project is finishing up this morning and will almost immediately be painted over.

The hand-painting of the collected stories onto the kindness wall at the old GRTC Depot started Saturday and has continued all weekend. Sometime this morning, Richmond artist Hamilton Glass will paint a mural over the stories of shared humanity and goodness.

The 1,000 (LED light bulbs) installed directly on an 80-foot wall in Cary Street will then light up one-by-one in real time as people from Richmond and around the world complete acts of kindness inspired by the mural art or their own experience of needing light during a dark time.

The mural will be part of the RVA Street Art Festival starting September 11-15th.




the light of human kindness from patience salgado on Vimeo.

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