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Proposed changes to GRTC Route 4

Along with an update on the City Stadium redevelopment process, last night’s 5th District meeting hosted by Councilman Parker Agelasto included a presentation on proposed changes to GRTC’s bus route #4.

The change would take the western end of the route off of Broad and Robinson Street, and instead run the busses up Ellwood Avenue and Cary Street. This change is being proposed in part as a response to concerns about the number of busses and bus stops along Robinson Street. The new route would also allow more service in areas with more dense residential and commercial uses, connect VCU and Carytown more directly, and provide more direct access to the grocery stores in Carytown.

Neighbors at the meeting voiced concerns about the busses being able to make the turn at Freeman and Cary (at Mary Angela’s).

Current GRTC system map (June 2013)

Current GRTC system map (June 2013)

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