Man in truck approaches young girls playing on sidewalk

An alert this morning from the Fan District Association:

Special Safety Update

An incident that occurred on August 5th was brought to the FDA Board’s attention and the FDA feels that it merits sharing with the neighborhood.

At approximately 11:20 AM on August 5th three female children were playing on the sidewalk of their home in the Fan and were solicited by a man in a red truck asking them to “come here and play ball,” as he gestured with his hand to come toward the truck. The girls said nothing in reply but went into the house and reported the incident to a parent.

This incident was reported to the Richmond Police, and VCU police also responded.

To our knowledge, the driver has not been identified. He was described as caucasian, male, mid-40s and had some hair on his chin, driving a red truck.

This incident presents an opportunity to remind one and all to do just as these girls did and ignore such a solicitation and immediately report it to a trusted adult.

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