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Do you know who owns King James?

I need your help. A popular neighborhood cat, large and orange, named King James has a bad wound on his head. It has increasingly become more infected. I had met his owners previously but can’t recall in which house they live on at Stuart between Davis and Strawberry (opposite side of Fox Elementary). I do know that his owners are a husband and wife with at least one baby. I had hoped they would have noticed and helped him out at this point.

The problem is I am moving out-of-state tomorrow and can’t find the time to seek out his owners. He seems to need antibiotics badly. He is a smart cool cat who looks both ways before crossing the street. We became fast friends and it would be a shame to lose him!

Does anyone have any leads on who King James might belong to? Please, help if you can. E-mail if you know anything or if you solved the issue.

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