Everybody Happy!

Snickers is home and a “Thank You” to Richmond

I am sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner this evening, but you will understand that we were all celebrating a miracle, and a community called the Fan! Thanks to MANY helping hands, we are ecstatic to announce that Snickers was found tonight around 8:00 PM!!! Tears of joy all around, including those of a grateful (grand?) father who has the enthusiastic support of your understanding and determined community to thank for her return.

After not hearing anything all day, we received a report that Snickers was reported to be at Sheppard and Monument around 7 PM. We looked in vain, and no wonder, because by the next call at 7:45 she had moved all the way to Monument and Thompson Street! When that sighting was reported, I actually had to run a red light (carefully) to get Jared (her dad) there on time, as she wouldn’t let anybody else get close to her she was so frightened.

The moment of reunion was something special! Though she is SMART (Aussie /Border Collie mix), I am not sure how many more days of dodging traffic she had left. I will share the lessons learned, most of which you all probably know but we obviously didn’t:

  • Never take a pet to a fireworks show.
  • A dog that will normally never leave your side will still run two miles nonstop at the sound of a cannon discharge.
  • Consider the option to implant an owner chip for identification in case the collar is lost. (We will be doing that on Monday.)
  • Be sure you adjust your dog’s collar to make sure that it will not slip over their head if you going to take them to any large gathering.

Though I received my degree at VCU and Richmond was my home for 20 years, I have been gone for at least that long now, back in South Carolina, but still visiting frequently. I lived at 2716 West Grace in the early years, so the Fan was my home back then (ok, so I was on the edge of respectibility). I had forgotten what a terrific place this was!

Thank you again,


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