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Sector 313 report for July

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 July 2013 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

During the 28 day period (May 28 through June 24) Sector 313 showed an increase in crime in all major categories. Sadly we experienced one homicide in the sector, which was the death of an infant found in a dumpster in the 1800 block of Monument Avenue. That case generated lots of media attention and has been cleared by arrest. The sector experienced a spike in robberies when compared to last year. A suspect has been identified in two of the three robberies, and an arrest was made of that suspect while he was committing a robbery in 4th Precinct.

Residential burglaries continue to be a problem. The Randolph area reported three of the eight reported burglaries for the period. Of the eight burglaries six appeared to be caused by easy access – doors were left unlocked. In some cases there were multiple roommates involved, and there was a definite breakdown in communication since they were leaving door unlocked.

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