Committee recommends killing Samuels’ baseball referendum

Councilman Charles Samuels’ proposed referendum to keep the baseball stadium on Boulevard was recommended to be killed 6-3 in committee yesterday:

“I think this is a vote by default rather than a vote by purpose,” said council Vice President Ellen F. Robertson of the 6th District. “I don’t support that type of leadership.”

Others were skeptical of the idea of putting a major land-use decision up for a popular vote.

“Not having a crystal ball, I don’t feel it’s the right thing to lock any piece of property to any given use in the city forever,” said 4th District Councilwoman Kathy C. Graziano.

“I’m not a big fan of referendum government,” said 1st District Councilman Jonathan T. Baliles. “California is a prime example. It’s a basket case.”

The three votes against killing the referendum were Samuels, 8th District Councilwoman Reva M. Trammell and 5th District Councilman Parker C. Agelasto.

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