Bike Walk RVA

Want to make Richmond a better place to walk and bike? Check out Bike Walk RVA:

Bike Walk RVA is the Sports Backers’ advocacy initiative, committed to making walking and biking safe, convenient, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. We work to encourage the construction of more multi-use trails, protected bike lanes, sidewalks, and safe neighborhood streets so that walking and biking are part of daily transportation in the Richmond region.

Sports Backers and the Bike Walk RVA program envision a greater Richmond-area where:
- Walking and bicycling is safe, convenient and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities
- Neighborhoods and surrounding communities are connected by a network of protected bike lanes, neighborhood byways and multi-use trails that encourage bicycling and walking for all trip purposes
- Bicycling and walking are integral parts of how people live, work and play
- People are active and healthy

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