We’re ready for you, Southside

The Times-Dispatch has the only coverage of the last school board meeting, in which our own Kim Gray and the 9th District’s Tichi Pinkney Eppes had to be separated by security guards:

“I will admit, I said I’d whoop her ass,” Eppes said. “I thought she showed a lack of integrity and professional respect.”

“She heckled me for the rest of the meeting,” said Eppes, who has been in the minority on several highly charged 5-4 votes in which Gray has prevailed. “I finally told her, ‘Shut up while I’m speaking.’ ” [...]

When the board returned to its open session in City Hall — six-and-a-half hours after its meeting began, and in front of a crowd that had dwindled to two school system security guards and one Times-Dispatch reporter — Gray walked up behind Eppes and said, “Don’t you ever tell me to shut up again.”

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