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Vegan/gluten-free wine dinner at ACACIA

ACACIA mid-town will be hosting a vegan and gluten-free wine dinner this Wednesday:

With the upcoming spring veggies and the upcoming Richmond Vegetarian Festival, we are excited to offer a special four course vegan and gluten-free vegetarian dinner.

If you cannot come into Acacia without enjoying fish we understand, the menu is easily adapted for the pescatarian too.

trio of salads

roasted beets, orange segments, micro wasabi
grapefruit segments, avocado, herb sauce
napa cabbage, carrot, pickled red onions,
cilantro, curry vinaigrette

potato gratin, mushrooms, broccoli puree, powdered mushrooms

chickpea battered romanesco, thai eggplant,
purple kohlrabi, hearts of palm, coconut lime leaf sauce


smoked lentil stuffed swiss chard, grilled onions,
roasted spring vegetables, puffed rice, spiced carrot sauce

chocolate ganache torte

25. per person (35. with fish) reservations available 5:30-9 pm 804.562.0138

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