Pizza Tonight pop-up coming to Lamplighter

Pizza Tonight is having a One Night Stand 5-course Pop-Up dinner service at Lamplighter Roasting Co. on July 29th:

Finally a one-night-stand you won’t regret in the morning.

The folks at Lamplighter are going on vacay, and they’ve been nice enough to lend us their cafe for one night only to show Richmond a little bit more of the food we love at our first Pop-Up. Look for a classic antipasti, homemade mozzarella, a pizza you won’t find anywhere else, and a few other wood-fired surprises (hint: a grill INSIDE our oven!) Plus dessert, delicious dessert.

We’ll be serving up everything family-style, and we will have a set menu with a vegetarian option available and no substitutions!

(Final menu details coming soon.)

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