Nile closing for two months to make “exciting changes”

by Nathan Cushing

One of Richmond oldest Ethiopian restaurants has closed its doors until August to make changes.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant will be closed through July to work “on some exciting changes,” according to the restaurant’s website.

“We’ve been in the process of kinda changing the menu” for some time, said Natan Teklemariam, co-owner of the seven-year-old restaurant. But he said owners waited until the summer, when most students are away, to make any enduring changes.

Teklemariam said customer favorites will stay on the revamped menu, but said the restaurant will offer more small plates to “make dishes more [financially] accessible to students.” He said the Nile will also diversify its menu to better represent cultures along the Nile River, with particular focus on Middle Eastern items.

Nile dishes are still available each Monday at Ellwood Thompson’s hot bar.

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