Secretly Y’all Presents: Animal Stories

Secretly Y’all Presents: Animal Stories
May 6th at Balliceaux 7pm door, 7:30 Stories

As humans learn more about animal intelligence, we also are discovering that animals have a lot to teach us.What lessons have you learned through wild or domestic creatures?

From the ancient world to the modern, human lives have been influenced by animals in matters that reach far beyond the food chain. Those lessons are the provocative subject of PBS show called Wisdom of the Wild, in which you can view the trailer here. It illustrates some of the surprising ways in which animals help teach, heal, and strengthen people, in body, mind, and spirit.

In a Tanzanian jungle, a scientist and a medicine man follow a chimpanzee in search of a cure for a deadly disease. On the plains of Kenya, a woman learns a powerful lesson about family — from a pair of elephants. And in the Florida Keys, an eight-year old boy with a genetic illness utters his first words, for a chance to swim with dolphins.

Watch the trailer and get inspired to tell your own story (whether is be touching, aww-inducing, or just plain hilarious) of coming face to face with animal wisdom.

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All door proceeds will be donated to Ring Dog Rescue.


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