Move-out dumpsters available for bulk trash

VIA the Fan District Association:

Student Move-Out Help:Dumpsters in the Fan

For students moving out who need to get rid of bulk trash: the Richmond Department of Public Works conveniently places four large roll-off dumpsters in areas throughout the Fan for VCU students to discard unwanted items, such as furniture, clothing and household goods. The locations of these dumpsters can be found at:

- Northwest corner of Grace Street and Mulberry Street on Mulberry
- Southwest corner of Ryland and Grace on Ryland
- Northwest corner of Morris and Grove on Morris
- Northwest corner of Morris and Cary on Morris

In addition, the CARITAS truck will be coming around the Fan on June 3, 5, and 7th combing Fan alleys for discarded furniture and other items. If that timing does not work for you, you can call 804-343-5008, ext. 411 with your block number and street name, and leave the rest to CARITAS. This is a way to donate your old furniture (and other items) and help a member of the community get back on their feet.

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