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Mary Wingfield Scott’s Old Richmond Neighborhoods

Alfred Scott has continued his work to make Mary Wingfield Scott’s Old Richmond Neighborhoods available as an expanded digital work:

I have now scanned all of the original photos from the book and have them all in place.

I’ve proofread all of this and it looks in good shape as far as typos are concerned. I’m sure there are still more to be found, but overall the text is in very good shape.

My next steps are:

To produce an index for the book.

To look for photographs on the Internet to add to those in the book, in the same way that I found many more photos for Houses of Old Richmond.

I would love to have any suggestions or comments you may have for how we can take this book to the ‘next step’. My ‘big idea’ is to tell the story of what has happened to these houses since Winkie published the original books. So her books are snapshots of what existed in 1941 and 1950. Now let’s tell the next chapter in what has happened in the way of historic preservation or demolition since then.

Find the latest pdf copy of Old Richmond Neighborhoods at


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