Gray: open enrollment spots will not be lost if Fox is rezoned

The 2nd District’s Kim Gray sent this letter out today:

Dear Friends,

After Monday night’s meeting where the board was presented with inaccurate reports and data, I asked the administration to provide a detailed report of needed data.

I requested and received a report with specific details of students enrolled at Fox for the coming year and potential students that could be rezoned for Fox based on the rezoning option in the current proposed Option C. Below are some clarifications from the data:

1. There are only 50 new students that would be able go to Fox based on Option C, not the 100 students they incorrectly estimated on Monday and posted on the Fox PTA website.

2. Those 50 new students that are being rezoned currently attend Cary. Some may prefer to stay at Cary and will have the option to do so.

3. The projected enrollment at Fox for the fall is 477 students. The current enrollment is 502. If all 50 students go to Fox, enrollment will be 527 – 25 students over the current enrollment or a potential of 4 new students for each of the six grade levels. I am confident that the principal and staff at Fox can handle the slight increase in enrollment.

4. In reality, Fox has capacity for 579 students according to the rezoning study. Even if all of the rezoned students went to Fox, Fox would continue to operate below full capacity.

Additionally, speculation is being made that rezoning plans will take away current open enrollment spots and that 2013-14 accepted open enrollment places will be retracted. Board members on the prevailing side of the school closure vote have publicly expressed strong opposition to retracting any new and existing open enrollment spots.

I will not support any action that will keep current open enrolled or accepted open enrolled students out of Fox for the coming year. I also support grandfathering in all siblings through our current open enrollment policy.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get accurate and timely information out to everyone. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



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