The Billy Tuggle bombing (1973)

From Mark Holmberg’s history of local bombings:

One of the more serious bombings here occurred in the Fan, on the northeast corner of Floyd and Harrison, 40 years ago.

Roy Scherer lived right down the street, at 1323 Floyd Avenue, at the time. “About 2, 2:30 in the morning we heard a loud boom and felt the concussion,” he recalled. He and a friend “looked at each other and said that wasn’t a gunshot or a firecracker.”

“Come to find out later that Billy Tuggle, who was an acquaintance . . . had gone into the little basement entrance of what used to be the First Unitarian Church and was at that time, I believe, the First and Merchants Bank and set off a couple of sticks of dynamite,” Scherer said.’


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