It’s mosquito spraying season!

It’s mosquito spraying season. If your constituents see our crews spraying something down their storm drains or in the gutters, that’s what is happening.

The attached schedule is very imprecise, but we start on April 16 and end on Oct. 31, and go through the neighborhoods in this order. Each neighborhood takes 30-45 days to complete.

Here’s what a spraying crew looks like.

It’s important to remind your constituents that they can help by not leaving containers in the yard that can collect water (rain barrels are an exception because they have tight lids.) Mosquitoes can breed in even a teaspoon of water. Old flower pots, upside down trash can lids, tires, children’s toys, pet bowls, even lawn furniture can accumulate stagnant rain water and become a nursery for baby skeeters. Walk through the yard after each rain and turn over everything that has collected water. Your homegrown mosquitoes might be the ones carrying West Nile Virus and could make you or your neighbors very sick.


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