Eating Your Way Through Richmond: Edo’s Squid, Heritage, Lamplighter Roasting Company

Writing for The Washingtonian, Todd Kliman has some love for a number of Fan-area favorites:

Edo’s Squid
It’s impossible to resist the charms of this always-buzzing restaurant—the sort of big-hearted red-sauce joint that DC has had to make do without since the heyday of A.V. Ristorante (founded, as it happens, by the father of Edo’s owner Ed Vasaio). Don’t overlook the fried calamari, a masterpiece of frying, and order the oyster stew and cod chowder even if you’re not in the mood for soup. 411 N. Harrison St.; 804-864-5488.

This newcomer, in a restored brick storefront, has been packing them in since late last year with its smart, sometimes whimsical fare and potent cocktails. The full plates are richly comforting, but it’s the small plates (shrimp crackers, pimiento-cheese puffs, chicken-liver pâté with red-beet gelée) that offer the biggest rewards. 1627 W. Main St.; 804-353-4060.

Lamplighter Roasting Company
This darling of Richmond’s bohemian set is an out-of-the-way find for a light breakfast: micro-roasted coffee, excellent fresh doughnuts, and house-made granola. 116 S. Addison St.; 804-728-2292.

PHOTO via Trip Advisor

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