State of the Plate: much love for Heritage, Rowland’s, Balliceaux

Style Weekly‘s annual State of the Plate issue, their in-depth look Richmond’s restaurant scene, as always has some love for the area.

The new Heritage (in the old Six Burner spot) is on a short list of Critics’ Hot Spots

1627 W. Main St., 353-4060
“This is the current zeitgeist of Richmond dining — elevated Southern food with an emphasis on local sourcing and bringing outside influences into classic Southern flavors. And from my visits, they’re consistently excellent, with a great cocktail program and wonderful house made charcuterie. It’s clearly working for Richmonders.” — Matthew Freeman

Rowland’s is singled is singled out as an “old flame”:

It’s a tall order to occupy the former space of the one of the old Stella’s, but Rowland is holding strong with its own charming mix of sophistication and approachable personality. The rickety chairs are gone, replaced by sleek, ergonomic wooden and metal numbers. The noise level is comfortably loud, and the crowd is decidedly Richmond — diverse and eclectic.

Lombardy Street’s Balliceaux is given props for their decor:

Even after four years, Balliceaux at 203 N. Lombardy St. is the first place that comes to critics’ minds for atmospheric appeal. “It’s unique and catches my breath,” Ellie Basch says. “The long, narrow entry only makes the cavernous back room even more impressive.”

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