Have you seen this one-eyed cat?

Please help me find my cat. His name is Chewie, and he is a nine year-old domestic shorthair, all black with a white chest, belly, paws, and throat. He weighs between 10-15 lbs and has no collar or tags. His most distinguishing feature is his one eye. I last saw him at 2525 Stuart Ave, in the house on the evening of March 16th. When I didn’t see him the next day, I figured he would come out of wherever in the house he could have been hiding, as is his way sometimes. But since then I have been tearing my house apart with no sign of my boy. If I had to guess, I would venture that perhaps he snuck past me out of the door during one of the times I stepped out to walk my dog. Other than that, I am at a total loss as to Chewie’s whereabouts and miss him so much. Even the dog wanders around the house sniffing for him.

Please, if you see–and even better, manage to get a hold of him (he’s not incredibly skittish, but is rather wary)–please, PLEASE [CONTACT].

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