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Have you seen Aslan?

Our Dog ran out of the door last night and has been missing since. He has been spotted around the streets of The Fan. His name is ASLAN, he has no tags, is a black and white pit bull mix, about 80 pounds, he has a white chest and stomach, a white patch on muzzle, and a white spot on the back of his neck, it looks like a number 1 to me. He has been spotted, but avoiding people. The owner is walking around the streets looking for him. He’s a nice dog perhaps a bit shy but he wont bite. If you spot him please reply or call 5714288415, or 4342027123 his name is Aslan Please help us find him it’s starting to snow a lot and we are so worried about our big buddy! Thanks! (In the pics He is the dog on the right.)

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