UniArt this Friday at Artemis

UniArt opening Friday at Artemis Gallery:

UniArt Studio Mixed Media & Photography was created by two artists, Karen Mastenbroek and Tunde Hidvegi. After the two women had met, they realized that by combining their unique talents, together they can take art to a different level.

The name “UniArt” comes from the abbreviation of You and I Art, referring to the two artists.

Karen Mastenbroek is a photographer, based in the Netherlands. She became interested in photography at age 14 when an exchange student from the USA came to live with her family. The two of them took trips together and during that time, Karen discovered her growing desire to capture the images they saw, so that they would stay with her permanently. Her love affair with the camera stretched into her adulthood. She took her first photography workshop in 1981, after which she landed a commission to do a documentary of local projects, financed by the city of Almelo, Netherlands. During her extensive travels, she took numerous images. Her main interests are nature, urban landscapes that include not only decaying buildings but also random shots of their human dwellers, and graffiti, among other things. She says “I like to travel because when I am on the move, I become my own camera, constantly looking for that image that will speak to my heart the most, be it people, landscapes, animals or just a dying flower on the dry and cracking ground.”

Tunde has been doing mixed media art over 15 years and now her work can be seen at U.S. galleries, as well as in buildings, churches and in private homes in Virgina. She shown her work at the Artemis Gallery 3 times before, first her paintings, then her mosaic art and finally her mixed media project. Karen’s photos inspired Tunde to learn the technique of transferring photo images onto wood by using gel medium.

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