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Sector 313 crime report for February

Lt.Erlan E. Marshall’s Sector 313 February 2013 report (PDF) is now available for all points between Harrison and Boulevard:

Twenty-one (21) area Burglaries were reported during the previous reporting period, and we have managed to reduce that number to seven (7) for an overall sixty-six (66) percent decrease in area burglaries from last month. Please encourage your neighbors to report their homes to the Police Dept., as vacation homes when they are away for extended periods of time. Help us to help you. Go to the city website:

There were twelve (12) thefts from motor vehicles reported.

We continue to urge individuals to secure their valuables. Please take every measure to prevent the criminal element from having access to your valuable and priced possessions. Taking away the opportunity for crime to occur. You must harden the targets and make valuable item less accessible to criminals. Please remember to secure your valuables in the trunk of your cars, or take them into your residence or classroom.

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